How It Works


Tours generally go like this:

Step 1: Meet up with your tour guide at the rendezvous point, thank the driver and hop on the bus.

Step 2-ish: Arrive at the brewery. Enjoy fresh beer straight from the source. Then, take a behind-the-scenes, walk-thru tour of the brewery.

Step 3-ish: Hop back on the bus and relax. While in transit, we’ll discuss all things beer, brewing, and Houston. Enjoy ease, insights, and lite snacks!

Step 4: Just for good measure, we repeat steps 2ish/3ish a couple more times.

Step 5: Time to head back to the meet-up spot—safe and sound! All is right with the world.


houston breweries
Tour Tickets include:
• A tour guide / beer guru
• Transportation to/from the brewery stops
• All brewery entrance fees.
• All beer samples at the Houston breweries (plus a little extra)
• A commemorative glass
• A swag bag of goodies
• An awesome day of fun and relaxation