Do we need to pay for beer at the breweries?


Nope, we’ll cover the beer tokens or pitchers at each brewery. That’s usually three different beers, approximately 8-10oz each. Now, if you would like more beers beyond than that, then that’s on your dime.


Are meals served?


We provide small snacks throughout the day (chips, pretzels, peanuts, etc.). No full course meals though. However, you are welcome to bring any food you would like for the day. We have a cooler.


Also, most of the breweries have a food truck stationed at their facility. Just bring a few extra bucks, you will have many opportunities to snag some quick grub along the tour.


Remember, the meet-up shares a parking lot with a local bar/restaurant. There, you will be able to buy food before, or after, the tour. We highly recommend that option as well.


 Can I BYOB / drink on the bus?


Yes and yes—but ONLY cans and beer. No bottles and no spirits (except the sharing spirit).

Honestly, you really won’t need to bring extra beers.


Can I smoke on the bus?


Nope. Only in designated smoking areas off the bus.


Are homebrewers featured on every tour?


We’d love for that to be the case, but no guarantees there. Homebrew spotlights are more of a bonus round. But the more you tour the better chance you have to encounter one.


Contact us if you are (or know) a homebrewer who would like to be featured on one of our tours.